The orange ribbon has become a symbol of love


Nowadays, the orange ribbon has become a symbol of love […]

Nowadays, the orange ribbon has become a symbol of love, dedication and health, and has become a symbol of love for many charitable organizations to care for children. It has become synonymous with selfless dedication and charity.
Evangeline was born in an ordinary peasant family in Greece. When she was six years old, when she had not really understood her mother's love, her mother suddenly got a serious illness. Because of the limitations of local medical standards and the poverty of the family, the mother eventually died of illness. Before the mother left, she tied a bow made of orange ribbon on Evangeline's hair as a gift to her daughter. [10]
The mother’s departure left an unforgettable memory in Evangeline’s childhood. Make her establish from the urine
The goal of life: no matter how difficult, we must embark on the path of medicine, so that the poor can see the disease.
A few years later, Evangeline, who still heads the orange ribbon, realized his medical dream. However, instead of leaving the poor land where she raised her, she opened a small clinic in a local orphans and children's welfare home to provide free medical care and health care for the children there. In order to express their gratitude and love for Evangeline, the children have to give Evangeline gifts. Evangeline told the children that her favorite is the orange ribbon on her head, simple and plain, but beautiful. Since then, not only is Evangeline's small clinic, the entire welfare home is covered with orange ribbons.
Evangeline, who worked hard for the children, never had her own heart. When she was only 36 years old, she died of illness. After the death of Evangeline, in order to commemorate her and promote her dedication, the local residents spontaneously organized the "Orange Ribbon Love Action" to help some orphans and disabled children who need help.
In fact, Evangeline was originally named Mona. Evangeline was also the name given to her by the locals to commemorate her after her death, symbolizing the gospel and the meaning of angel.