The meaning of yellow ribbon


The yellow ribbon represents the return, acceptance, ca […]

The yellow ribbon represents the return, acceptance, care and assistance of peace.
On October 14, 1971, the New York Post published a novel: a silent man sitting in a long-distance car, finally opened his mouth under the question of young tourists in the same car. It turned out that he had just come out of jail and wrote a letter to his wife before the release: if she had another home, he would not blame her; if she still loved him and would like him to go back, he would tie a tree on the old oak tree in the town. Yellow ribbon; if there is no yellow ribbon, he will go with the car, never bother her... The car is coming to the destination, and it looks far away. There are dozens of hundreds of yellow hanging on the old oak in the town. The ribbon, the passengers in the car cheered.
This moving story was made into a song, and the story was also spread throughout the world. The yellow ribbon has also become a sign that the United States "welcomes those who are imprisoned to regain their freedom."