The meaning of the purple ribbon


"Zi Ribbon" was initiated by Qingsong Kangshou Group. O […]

"Zi Ribbon" was initiated by Qingsong Kangshou Group. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival in 2014, the People's Daily "Health Times" and the Qingsong Kangshou Group jointly sponsored the "Qingsongkang Protecting the Love of the Empty Nest" China's aging health public welfare action Launched during the period, it aims to arouse the public's attention to the whole society's home care and rehabilitation care, and call for more care and gratitude for parents and parents to bravely express their inner love for their parents. At the same time, share the pressure of children in caring for their parents in the form of third-party professional services.
The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional day of respect for the elderly. It links the purple ribbon with the "respect for the elderly, respect for the elderly, filial piety, and love for the elderly" of the Double Ninth Festival, and normalizes the activities of caring for the elderly. When people reach old age, they can truly know themselves, and they truly belong to themselves. They truly understand what is called Baichuan to return to the sea. What is the return of everything? Joy and pain, ups and downs, and honor and disgrace, are naturally flowing, quiet and far-reaching, and enjoy the purple air.
Purple, representing respect, wisdom, sensibility and care. In fact, every old man is a book. Some may be story books. Some may be textbooks. The wisdom that has been precipitated requires us to slowly read and taste. The so-called every old man deserves our heart to respect and Caring. This is also the reason for establishing home care and rehabilitation care as a purple ribbon. The circular ring in the ring ribbon symbolizes the caring and embracing of the elderly. The two ends of the ribbon symbolize the happiness and smile of the elderly and children in the family. The overall meaning is to build a harmonious and happy family view of home care and health, and share the pressure of child care. Encourage the elderly to pursue a high-quality life of self-determination, self-help, comfort, optimism and dignity.
Purple Ribbon - "Qingsong Kang protects the love of empty nest" China's healthy aging public welfare action. Launched by Qingsong Kangshou Group, the People’s Daily “Health Times” and the Qingsong Kangshou Group jointly sponsored. The event officially began on September 16 and lasted until December 31, 2014. It plans to adopt open channels for public recruitment in Beijing and Shanghai, and to enter the community, enterprises, institutions, and health science series lectures according to actual conditions. In parallel, the contact with the empty nest elderly, the professional rehabilitation nursing team of Qingsong Kangbao Group will provide professional rehabilitation nursing services for the empty nest elderly, and issue an exclusive health assessment report for the actual health status of the elderly and a graded on-demand one-on-one professional rehabilitation. The nursing plan has a total service value of more than 15 million yuan.