The fashion era of digital printing---heat transfer printing machine


Printing has become a fashion slogan for many years, an […]

Printing has become a fashion slogan for many years, and the digital printing that has been popular in recent years has made the color, fashion and grade of the printing a step, and it is more "happy", with the passion of the industry and rapid development. From digital printing apparel to the source, what changes have it brought to the printing and dyeing industry? The unpredictable style of the print gives the wearer a variety of temperament and attitude, which has become one of the reasons for the love of the first-line star, or passers-by.
This year, the elegant temperament print skirt is still a must-have element of fashion, and the vivid digital printing is the first choice for fashion people. Walking on the streets of summer, all kinds of fancy and various styles of style, simple and gorgeous digital print skirt, the woman's charming and charming display. Put on a feminine print skirt that will definitely make you shine. Each one can give people a refreshing feeling. It can be said that the beauty can be "turned over to the country."
Print Queen British fashion designer Oran Kelly said that in almost every spring and summer fashion, printing is a top priority, especially flower printing, it is one of the fashion elements that are indispensable every year, but only every year Popular prints are different.
Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has the characteristics of environmental protection, small batch size and strong individuality. Digital printing has the characteristics of high color saturation and natural flower-like effect. More and more women's brands are beginning to try digital printing. The printing helps the clothing brand to stand out and create a new space in design.
“In addition to the advantages of green environmental protection, digital printing technology can also meet the individual requirements. Today's consumers are more inclined to pursue personalization, so more and more downstream orders are turning to small orders, which is suitable for digital printing. The traditional printing and dyeing technology is printing and dyeing in the form of plate making, which produces the cost of plate making, which is suitable for mass production. If it is only a small batch production, it is obviously not cost-effective." Many fashion designers have said, "Because of environmental pressure, now the more More and more printing and dyeing companies are turning to digital printing."
It is predicted that the global digital printing output will account for 10% of the total textile printing output in 2017, and the number of digital printing equipment will reach 50,000 sets. According to the relevant domestic development conditions, China's digital printing output will account for more than 5% of the total domestic textile printing output, and the number of digital printing equipment will reach 10,000 units (sets). In addition, many people in the industry believe that with the continuous improvement of the processing efficiency and product accuracy of digital printing equipment, as well as the more civilian cost, the advantages in the use of personalized, small-volume customized products will be more prominent.