Recognize the dry cleaning logo


Recognize the dry cleaning logo, just remember the circ […]

Recognize the dry cleaning logo, just remember the circle. As for the changes in the letters inside, it is nothing more than the requirements for dry cleaning materials. For professionals in dry cleaners only, if you draw a fork on the circle. Be sure not to dry clean. Wool and silk garments tend to lose their luster, while silk with hollow flowers and water washes will shrink and deform, so they all carry the mark of dry cleaning. The question of whether bleaching can be bleached depends on the pattern of the triangular or triangular conical flask, which means that it can be treated with bleach. If you carry a fork, you can't bleach it. Bleach is highly lethal and easily decomposes fibers. It is only suitable for monochrome cotton clothing. It is best not to use bleach unless it is absolutely necessary.
Drying clothes is also a maintenance method. The dry logo is a pattern of clothes that can be hung up and sunbathed. On the clothes, if there is a little twill, it means drying in a cool place after dehydration. There is a "flat" word, which is to be flat and dry, and multiple forks can't be hung to dry. Like cotton, knitted fabrics are soft and loose, the structure is complex, and should be spread evenly, while the chemical fiber material is dry and can be hung.
The final step in finishing the clothes is ironing. The raw materials of the clothes will have different effects at different temperatures. If there is ripple under the ironing logo, it means that you need to have a cloth when ironing, and if there are some vertical bars below, it means you need to use a steam iron to iron. Secondly, the temperature warning of the iron is indicated by the small dots on the logo. One point means that the temperature of the iron cannot exceed 110 degrees. Two points indicate that the maximum temperature of the iron cannot exceed 150 degrees. As for the three points, the maximum temperature is 200 degrees. Before you iron, be sure to see a few points. Of course, the natural fiber has good temperature resistance, and the temperature can be ironed when the temperature is selected, and the chemical fiber is not resistant to temperature, and it is easy to start the aurora. Even if the ironing is low temperature, it is not easy to iron.

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