Kind There are many types of clothing labels, but they […]

There are many types of clothing labels, but they are often used in the following categories: 1. Trademarks. Also known as cloth label, weaving. Mainly used for collar or other decoration.
Second, the tag. Also known as a card, playing cards. Mainly used for brand characteristics.
Third, the rubber chapter. Or called a plastic chapter. For chest and so on.
Fourth, the PVC chapter. General plastic products can flexibly shape various images.
5. Reflective chapters and reflective materials have strong reflective effects and can be decorated.
Sixth, three-dimensional chapter. The special printing machine is printed with a reflective lattice pattern eight times to form a three-dimensional pattern.
Seven, hanging particles. Also known as the bell. Mainly used in high-grade suits, fashion and so on.
Eight, ribbon. There are Taiwan wooden shuttle woven tape, reflective ribbon, nylon, cotton herringbone belt and so on.
Clothing logo
Apparel logo is an expression of brand and enterprise intangible assets. It is a symbolic mark or pattern that the enterprise allows consumers to identify the brand.
Tag material
Coated paper, specialty paper, PVC, canvas, ribbon, metal, bamboo, leather, PU.
Bearer function
Anti-counterfeiting, brand image, barcode, price, washing standard, various certification information, after-sales maintenance card

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