Green ribbon symbolizes love


Green represents health, which makes people full of hop […]

Green represents health, which makes people full of hope for healthy life and vitality. Green ribbon symbolizes love, which is not only the understanding of society and the public for the understanding and love of mental patients, but also a kind of support for mental health work and continuous improvement. Self-mental mentality, creating a symbol of action in a harmonious society; a light and moving green ribbon symbolizes a happy and joyful mood, which is the endless source of our life-saving value and the creation of a better life.
The "Floating Green Ribbon" expresses the support of the society and the public for mental health work, the care for the mentally ill, and the concern for their own mental health. The "Floating Green Ribbon" embodies the social and public walks together with mental health workers, and constantly strives to improve the mental health of the people; it reflects the normal people and the mentally ill patients, and actively creates a suitable environment for the mental patients to re-enter the society. It reflects the psychiatric medical staff and spiritual patients, and helps the patient to achieve the unremitting pursuit of life with scientific spirit and service.