Green Ribbon represents ethereal and peaceful


The name of the event is "Heart and Heart Service Team" […]

The name of the event is "Heart and Heart Service Team".
It was a college student activity initiated by six college students in Guizhou in June 2008. The main purpose is to promote the development of a harmonious society, to cooperate with relevant national thoughts, and to follow the guiding ideology of the Communist Party of China and the Communist Youth League for college students and the majority of young people. The care and mobilization of left-behind children in rural areas and cities, and the promotion of the majority of young people to participate in the ranks of volunteers serving the society, so that modern youth and college students can better practice, integrate into society, and better promote the true meaning and reality of a harmonious society. The purpose of combining action.
Green Ribbon represents ethereal, pure, peaceful, future and harmony
The spirit of the blue ribbon: working together, working together in the same boat
The goal of the blue ribbon: the place where the blue ribbon arrives will be full of dedication, full of dedication; where the blue ribbon passes, the flowers are full of land, and the true love lasts.