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GB5296.4-2012 national standards for textiles and clothing requirements on the tag has eight items: 1, the name and address of the manufacturer; 2, product name; 3, product number or specifications; 4, fiber composition and content; Maintenance methods; 6, product standards implemented; 7, security categories; 8, use and storage precautions [1].
Design meaning
The design of clothing tag, printing is often very beautiful, and the connotation is also very wide. Although the labels of each clothing company have their own characteristics, most of them are printed with the factory name, factory address, telephone number, zip code, logo and so on. Some enterprises have to print the nature of the company (such as Sino-foreign joint ventures, sole proprietorships, etc.); other clothing manufacturers simply regard the small tag as a microscopic "advertising", and the supermodel prostitute is wearing his own product. The photo was printed on the top, giving people a more intuitive feeling, making consumers have a deeper impression of their products, and played a very good role in publicity and promotion; some manufacturers, in order to thank consumers for purchasing their own products, It is often necessary to print words of acknowledgment and wishes on the hangtag to give people a sense of intimacy; some hangtags are more like a "product manual, because the fabric is not only printed with the fabric, but what is its performance? Even the water temperature and washing method of the washing clothes, what kind of cleaning agent and how to maintain it should be printed on the tag. It can be seen that the manufacturer is very responsible to the consumers. In addition, as the clothing market is booming, competition is also It is bound to become more intense. Some famous brand manufacturers have used various holographic anti-counterfeiting tags and barcodes in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products. To protect their own interests, but also safeguard the interests of consumers.
Although the clothing tag is small, it is a link between fashion itself and consumers. It is an inevitable outcome of modern fashion culture and has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of clothing companies and promoting products. Therefore, if the hangtag is likened to the famous brand of fashion, it is more appropriate. However, unfortunately, there are still quite a few clothing companies that don’t know enough about this. Even some fashion brands that are famous in China have not yet registered trademarks, which gives speculators a chance to take advantage of them. machine. Once such products are counterfeited, they will not be protected by law. The design of the clothing tag is a bright spot that directly attracts people's attention. As long as the packaging is good and the items are beautiful, there will be a good sign.

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