Cotton belt


Cotton belt Cotton belt refers to a fabric woven from c […]

Cotton belt
Cotton belt refers to a fabric woven from cotton yarn or cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber blended yarn. The cotton cotton belt is woven from pure cotton yarn, and the cotton belt has a wide variety of colors and colors. It can be divided into primary color cotton cloth, dyed cotton cloth, printed cotton cloth and yarn-dyed cotton cloth according to the dyeing method; or it can be divided into plain cotton belt, twill cotton belt and forged cotton belt according to the cotton belt structure. The cotton belt which is blended and interwoven by cotton and other fibers is collectively referred to as cotton blended and interwoven cotton belt. This includes the combination of cotton and other natural fibers, as well as the combination of cotton and various chemical fibers. In general, cotton and chemical fiber are combined into various varieties of flowers and colors, and practical fabrics with various advantages.
Cotton tape classification
According to the grain line: herringbone cotton belt, flat cotton belt (plain), fine flower (pearl) cotton belt (bead pattern), coarse cotton belt, pit pattern cotton belt, twill cotton belt, horizontal grain cotton belt, etc.
According to the yarn branch: 21 yarns, 32 yarns, 40 yarns, 60 yarns, 81 yarns and mixed yarns, of which the yarns are divided into single and double. In the yarn count classification, the larger the count, the finer the yarn.